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SunairA V I A T I O N (2006) L T D  

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  1. The Carrier does not guarantee passage.  Scheduling may be altered at short notice to suit operational requirements.  Should the Carrier cancel a flight, the Carrier shall refund the passenger their airfare in full forthwith.  The Carrier does not accept liability for any costs or inconvenience incurred by a passenger as a result of a cancelled flight or altered schedule.
  1. Confirmation of a reservation requires payment of the airfare to the Carrier or the Carrier’s agent.  Payment of a fare using a credit or debit card will incur a $5 fee per transaction.


  1. Passengers must report at the Carrier’s checkin facility not less than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.


  1. Cancellation of air travel on full fares incurs a $50 fee per flight, unless within 24 hours of departure time then they shall forfeit the airfare.   Alteration of air travel on full fares incurs a $30 fee per flight. Thrifty airfares are not transferable or refundable.


  1. Thrifty fares maybe available one business day prior to travel and subject to availability.
  1. Payment of airport departure charges are the passenger’s responsibility and are not included in the airfare.  A $5 fee applies at ROT.
  1. Baggage weight is restricted to 15kg per passenger.  Excess baggage weight - $5/kg payable at checkin.  Unaccompanied freight  -  $5/kg (min $20).  The Carrier accepts liability for damaged or lost baggage or items of freight upto a maximum of $500 per bag or consignment.  Carriage of baggage is at the discretion of the company and its employees.


  1. An infant (0 – 2 years incl) may travel free of charge on a caregiver’s knee, not on an allocated seat.  However, the infant’s weight shall contribute toward the 15kg caregiver’s baggage allowance.  A child (3 – 11 years incl) is eligible for a child’s fare provided they are accompanied by a fare paying adult.
  1. The carriage of dangerous goods is strictly prohibited, including firearms, explosives,     compressed gases, corrosive materials, flammable liquids, poisons and radioactive material.  Animals must be caged.


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