First Solo Package

First Solo Package

Learn to fly solo at a discounted rate with our First Solo Package

Who is travelling?

First Solo is your very first flight without a flight instructor onboard. You can fly solo once you have sufficient flying experience, and when your B-CAT flight instructor
is satisfied with your performance/confidence in flying the aircraft.

The flight will include a take-off, followed by one lap around the circuit and finishing with a full-stop landing. Your instructor will only send you solo if you can
safely perform several circuits without input from your instructor.

The First Solo Package offers a discounted rate with up to 12 hours of flying time (plus on-ground instruction).


How old do I have to be to start training? You must be at least 16 years old before you can fly solo. However, you can start before 16 as long as you can easily manipulate the aircraft controls.

What medical requirements are there?  There are no medical requirements to start your training, but before you can fly solo you will need at least a DL9 medical (issued by your local GP).

What Flying Experience do I need to fly Solo?  There is no minimum hour requirement, however you will need to be capable of flying the aircraft safely in normal & emergency conditions i.e. Engine failure. Most students will fly solo at around the 12 hour mark.

What Exams Do You Have to Pass?  No exams.

Are There Any Other Requirements?  You need to be capable of reading, speaking, and understanding English fluently.

What Advantage Does Training with Sunair give me?  We also like to offer our students at times where seats are available, free flights on our air transport flights, to give you some exposure to all that we have and offer and just for the pleasure of it. This is an opportunity that other flight training organizations cannot offer. Once you have completed all pilot licenses required, you would be in a position to be considered to work for the company as an instructor, subject to a formal interview by the Flight Operations Manager and your instructor.  With a successful interview there would be a job offer once such position came available.  Further to this, once enough hours are gained as an instructor, you would be considered for our air transport operations flying multi-engine aircraft. Soon you will be a sought after pilot for larger airline carriers.