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Travelling with Pets

Your furry friend is welcome aboard Sunair flights. Here's what you need to know..

Who is travelling?

Traveler Information for Animals:

Dogs under 10kg can be carried on the lap of the person booking at no extra charge. Please note, the weight of the dog becomes part of the passenger's luggage allowance. If you dog weighs 10kg, your luggage allowance is now 5kg. Excess luggage fees apply for anything over 15kg.

Dogs between 10-20kgs; these may sit at your feet if not too large. There is a $160 fee (per flight) for dogs within this weight range.

Dogs over 20kg; there is a $180 fee (per flight) and they can sit at your feet.

*All dogs are required to be on a leash unless they are in a crate. If your dog is not a good traveler or quite energetic, we ask that you place them in a crate for the safety and comfort of all on board. There is currently no provision to book pets on our online system. Please call us to advise you will be bringing your pet so we can ensure your booking is noted correctly.

All dogs MUST be in a crate departing and arriving at Napier, Gisborne and Hamilton airports.

Dogs are not allocated luggage allowance.

Other Animals
If you require passage for other animals, they need to be in a crate or box with standard pricing per weight as above.

Unaccompanied Animals
All unaccompanied animals are at a flat rate of $195 per animal / crate. We will send you a waiver/release form to fill out prior to the flight. Unaccompanied animals must be in a box or crate so that they cannot roam freely aboard the aircraft.

* Please note, Sunair does not take any responsibility for unaccompanied animals. Most of our counters are unmanned and there is no one to leave the animal with, so it is imperative there is someone to receive the animal.